Mr. Brown

Mr Brown is a character in Reservoir Dogs. He is played by the movie's director Quentin Tarantino.

History[edit | edit source]

Before[edit | edit source]

In the history before the jewelry robbery, Brown was hired by Joe Cabot, an elderly crime boss, and his son "Nice Guy Eddie" Cabot. In the beginning of the movie, he discusses about Madonna along with White, Orange, Blue, Blonde, Pink, Nice Guy Eddie and Joe. Brown tells about Madonna's "Like a Virgin" but is cut off when Mr White talks about Joe's address book. At the end of the scene, the eight men leaves money for the waitresses before leaving for the jewelry robbery.

After[edit | edit source]

During the jewelry robbery, Mr Blonde murders several civilians after one of the civilians triggered the alarm. He escapes along with Mr White and Mr Orange but he is shot in the head by a cop.

Death[edit | edit source]

Mr Brown is shot in the head by a cop but he survives the wound as he eventually gets in a getaway car with White and Orange. Unfortunately, he crashes into a car due to his wound. Mr White exits the car as Orange defends with Brown. White systematically shoots two policemen dead as the cops arrives. Orange watches but Brown passes away and the two leave his body in the car.

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